Just Another Setback

United Nations resolution

The source that I read– and analyzed- is the United Nations resolution condemning Israel and alleging no historical ties between the Jewish religion and the Jewish capital city of Jerusalem. . To me, and Jews and Zionists the world over, this serves as but one more example of the United Nations’ and the international community’s complacency, and perhaps even willing participation, in the isolation and delegitimization of Israel. Many supporters of the resolution argue that it is the role of the United Nations to step up when its values are compromised, and Israel is compromising its values through occupation of The West Bank and of East Jerusalem, which includes the Kotel and other historically and religiously significant sites.


However, The United Nations General Assembly alone, in 2016, adopted 20 resolutions condemning Israel. The same body issued 4 condemnations to the rest of the world, combined. In other words, in the eyes of the United Nations, Israeli actions to settle on lands it won in a defensive war and refute the attempted secession by a group of Israeli citizens and Jordanian refugees who call themselves “Palestinians” is five times as atrocious as Syria’s human rights violations, ISIL’s terror attacks, North Korea’s repressive dictatorship, and every other negative event in the world. Israel does not deserve this disproportionate reprimanding. The credibility of the source is clear as it is a primary source taken directly from the United Nations.


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