Maps as Stories

The Global Policy Forum is a reliable and independent organization that repots on the United Nations. It is a reliable news source and has been regarded as such for years. In the article regarding land settlement and ownership, The Global Policy Forum gives data in the form of maps from as far back as 1967 during the war. One of the main reasons that the conflict in the middle east exists is because of the lack of agreement over land ownership.

Both Palestinians and Israelis view the holy land of Israel as sacred to their religion. Israel is home to the Alaska Mosque, an extremely holy site to the Palestinian people while it is also home to what is left of the first temple known as the Western wall, one of the most religious sites for the Jewish people.

One of the first official agreements of land distribution was The Oslo Accords in 1933.  This agreement gave the Palestinian authority more than half of the control over the Gaza strip while it stated that Palestinians were not allowed to enter the settlement or use main roads though Israel.  Today, while peace talks are ongoing we feel the reproductions, positive and negative of the Oslo accords.  A map of Israel’s territory from 2008 shows that because of the Oslo Accords around 500,000 Palestinians face hardships getting to work every day. Peace deals are in the works but many issues on both sides must be resolved before moving forward.


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