Two States Or Not

Haaretz is a realizable Israeli news platform, known for leaning slightly to the left that has a podcast component. In the Podcast I listened to called, “The Promised Podcast, Shriveling Settlements”, reporters Allison, Noah and Don explore topics regarding the shrinking of the settlements.  The reporters acknowledge what seems to be the truth about the settlements and how, shocking as it is, that settlements are shrinking.

Allison says that the territories are so packed with settlements full of religious Jews that there is no moving them, these people take the term “be fruitful and multiply quite seriously”.

3434256120.jpgIn terms of a two state solution, when it comes to talking about that as a possible peace solution many sight the settlements as a number one issue for why that is not a possibility. Technically yes, the Israelis living in settlement are living in occupied territories but there are thousands of Arabs living within the walls on Jerusalem without issue or protest. This contradiction is interesting in terms of a two state solution because both sides seem to have an issue when seemingly the only issue they are willing to point at is the settlements.


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